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The Service

This Was The Service

To prove The Service ruled the earth a while back we have here songs from the band's 6-year history, on compact disc for the first time. All the hits plus a new song, too, recorded before they all vanished without a trace in 1989.

  • Here We Go Again
  • 10 Miles
  • Sundowning
  • Sudden Desire
  • Airstream Convention
  • Defeated
  • October House
  • How It's Done
  • Death Walks
  • Truck
  • Only Joking
  • Ring Gets Tighter
  • Lucky
  • Last Hitch
  • Arctic Express
  • Trouble Begins
  • What You Lost
  • Disenchanted
  • Nothing Hurts
  • Summer Sky
  • Pushin' Too Hard
Catalog#: PR6346
CD $12.99

Head vs. Wall

The final word from Pravda's first signing. The Service released 4 full-length albums, 2 eps, and one single between 1984 and 1989, leaving a trail of powerful, wide-ranging music. Head vs. Wall is their last recording, ranging from relaxed, perfect pop to howling guitar orgies.

Catalog#: PR6336
LP $8.99

In Nonsense Is Strength

The Service's third record is a roaring, whispering masterpiece. Barbed-wire hooks and giant guitars battle it out over the prettiest pop melodies this side of the DB's, creating havoc as only The Service can.

Catalog#: PR6333
LP $8.99
Catalog#: PR6333
LP $8.99

George's Duty-Free Goulash

"The Blue Record" Powerful, raw second album, recorded by (now-very-famous) Butch Vig at Smart Studios. Unpredictable, incredibly varied, this record is essential Service.

Catalog#: PR3728
LP $8.99

America's Newest Hitmakers

The first full-length lp from Pravda's original artists. This record includes a cover of the Weirdos "Life of Crime" (with stomping tuba solo), and other classics such as "October House," "Trouble Begins" and "Ring Gets Tighter."

Catalog#: PR6327
LP $8.99

Poster - America's Newest Hitmakers

POSTER $3.99

Sundowning / Crazed Sterno Bum

The A-side drives barbed-wire hooks through walls of guitar and organ. The B-side laughs and falls down. Own it!

Catalog#: PR4504
7" $3.99