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The Slugs


The Slugs return after a long absence with their best work yet. A dazzling collection of sparkling pop that rocks and bites. These Chicago favorites have been packing clubs for years and Junior shows why. Urgent, colorful guitar pop that's brimming with melody and delivered with The Slugs' inherent, shoot-from-the-hip flair. Junior is the pop find of the year!

"The hook-filled guitar pop reconnects The Slugs to their late '80s peer group..."
- Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

"...mid-tempo guitar-pop powered by lilting melodies and a nicely modulated dash of the old Slugs energy."
- Rick Reger,

  • Margaret
  • This Time Summer
  • A Little Something
  • A Thing Or Two
  • Leave That One Alone
  • Slide
  • Hard As A Rock
  • Neverland
  • Heather, I Know
  • Enemy Friend
  • Little Rusty
  • Sending Out A Line
  • Slipped Away
Catalog#: PR6375
CD $12.99

Fort Fun

Fifteen consistently brilliant songs from the Chicago pop band, bristling with multi-layered guitars and vivid, acerbic lyrics. Fort Fun is the follow up to Non-Stop Holiday, The Slugs' Pravda debut, and the band's version of "Hooked on a Feeling" is the lead-off track on 20 Explosive Hits, Volume 1.

"If you like the Beatles, XTC, Marshall Crensaw, Freedy Johnston and other purveyors of the perfect 3 minute pop son, you must buy this..."
- Eric, Listener Review

  • Whatever
  • Ed
  • Krazy Kat
  • Fake Monet
  • Your Hot Air
  • Kingdom
  • We'll Get Through
  • This Is My Step
  • Broken Radio
  • Breathe, Don't Push
  • The Only Place I'm Going
  • Kids With Toys
  • Requiem For A Lightweight
  • Sleepyhead
Catalog#: PR6341
CD $12.99
Catalog#: PR6341
CASS $6.99

Poster - Fort Fun

POSTER $3.99

Non-Stop Holiday

The Slugs' debut album. Fifteen perfect pop songs, a good introduction to the band's razor-sharp writing and inventive arrangements. Includes "Big Red Naked Guitar" and "When the News Came Down."

Catalog#: PR6332
LP $8.99

Back to the Playgrounds / Now They Can All Lie Down

Chicago faves recorded live at the legendary West End. Loud, pretty and essential.

Catalog#: PR4502
7" $3.99