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Andre Williams


Andre Williams does not need an introduction anymore. At age 75, his career has taken him around the world and back, spanning over 50 years with more ups and downs than most people would not survive. Andre is a true survivor who continues to tour the world, write songs, write books, and generally entertain anyone sitting next to him with his stories and charisma. With this 5 song EP, Andre has teamed up with his touring band, The Goldstars to assemble a collection of songs that reflect his current sound and attitude. One part rock, one part R&B, and one part Andre Williams - having fun and doing his thing! This is a soulful record, a dance record and a reflective record of an icon still at work as a world-class entertainer.

  • Nightclub
  • Hot Coffee
  • Babblin Brook
  • Hard Way
  • Oh Baby!
Catalog#: PR2621
CD $6.99


With a mind-boggling 50-year career in the music business, 70-year old Andre Williams is showing no signs of slowing down.

The original rapper and R&B performer returns to his soulful roots on Aphrodisiac, enlisting the Diplomats of Solid Sound as his backing band on this diverse an adventurous offering. Hints of blues, rock, R&B, rap and soul fill the grooves of this release that flows seamlessly from start to finish. Andre’s voice never sounded better as he tackles topics ranging from alcoholism (I’m Not Worthy), Hurricane Katrina (Thee Sisters), rejection (I Can See), and love (Do You Remember). But it’s also a fun, masterfully produced album that will transfix both past Andre fans and new listeners. Recorded in Iowa City, this is the real Andre…the real deal…from the ‘Black Godfather.’

  • Hold Up
  • Do You Remember
  • I'm Not Worthy
  • Prove It To Me
  • I Don't Need Mary (Juana)
  • Three Sisters
  • Uptown Hustle
  • Chrysler 300
  • Thunder Thighs
  • I Can See
Catalog#: PR6383
CD $12.99