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Glenn Mercer

Wheels In Motion

Glenn Mercer's first-ever solo album "Wheels In Motion" seems to come at a time when other influential artists are busy reuniting and reconnecting with past material. But former lead singer, guitarist & composer of the highly influential band The Feelies chooses another path by delivering a hypnotic, highly melodic and often reflective album. Glenn adds, 'The record is a very personal and intimate reflection on where I am, where I've been and where I'm going. The best part of the project was the opportunity to re-unite with a few old friends to play music. When I wrote and recorded the songs, I wanted the interplay between the guitar and vocal to be the main focus, building the track from that point.' After a 5-year hiatus from his last recording project Wake Ooloo, Glenn seems re-energized, re-focused and not afraid to lead us through his personal journey while showing us his influence by artists he knows, respects and admires such as Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan & Luna. Performers on the record include ex-Feelies: Stan Demeski, Vinny DeNunzio, Dave Weckerman, Anton Fier (all played drums on various tracks) and Brenda Sauter (bass).

  • Days To Come
  • Wheels In Motion
  • Morning Lights
  • Until It's Clear
  • In Real Time
  • Whatever Happened
  • Get It Back
  • Two Rights
  • Here And Gone
  • Another Last Time Within You, Without You/Love You To
Catalog#: PR6387
CD 12.99